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Biggest Surprises and Disappointments for the Memphis Grizzlies posted on 12/28/2014

The Grizzlies are playing remarkably well, with impressive offensive showings by a few players. Marc Gasol has found a new gear on that end. In his 11th season, Beno Udrih is having one of the best performances by point guard. 

Marc Gasol played within himself before this season. He'd been a complementary shooter in his first six years in the NBA, even while averaging career highs of 14.6 points and 12.1 shots per game in 2013-14. He was a pass-first center who dished out 3.6 assists across three years entering 2014-15.

Nevertheless, Gasol's taken his game to the next level. He's averaging 19.7 per game on 50.3 percent shooting. Still, he's facilitating the offense, distributing 3.7 assists per game.

Gasol hasn't been surprised by his big step, telling Tillery, "I don't see the big deal. It's just a natural progression. I just have to score more; give us a good chance to win."

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Memphis Grizzlies Preseason Report 2014 posted on 09/27/2014

Memphis Grizzlies had a shaky start in 2013-14 season with 10-15, but performed much better later. They fought back impressively in the West the second time, and managed to be seventh seed. Marc Gasol made a difference, when he returned after his injury, and new acquisitions during midseason such as Courtney Lee and James Johnson gave the team a better look. Memphis was a strong team in the playoffs but Reggie Jackson from Oklahoma City Thunder managed an explosive performance that defeated the Grizzlies.

For 2014-2015 season, the Grizzlies may not be the favorites, but they are a serious contender to the title. Bringing in Zach Randolph was a costly move, but it could pay off, as he is quite formidable in PF position, and also the team's top player. In the draft, Jordan Adams was picked in the first round and hence there is not much possibility of further help. Adams is not considered athletic, as there are special provisions in his contract for keeping his fat low. In the second round, the team managed to acquire Jarnell Stokes, who even though undersized, has a long reach. Since Ed Davis, the PF backup has left; Stokes might be more in play compared to Adams.

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